RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 (TF-0870) 60L

Reference: 1211128-060-01-999


RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 is a PAO (Poly-alpha-olefin) based, fully synthetic Transfer Fluid) with a special additive and ...


RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 is a fully synthetic gear lubricant for use in electronically controlled active transfer case.

RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 ensures optimum power transmission.

Application Note

RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 was developed for use in active transfer case (Active Transfer Case).

RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 provides a stable viscosity even under the highest loads.


Very good lubricating ability even at very low temperatures in winter

A high, stable viscosity index

Very good oxidation stability

Protection against wear, corrosion and foam formation

Good balanced coefficient of friction

Neutral towards sealing materials

Neutral behavior by inhibition compared with non-ferrous metals

RECOMMENDATION 83220306816 für Transfer Case xDrive, 83222397244, ATC 300, ATC350, ATC400, ATC450, ATC500, ATC700, ATF TF-0753, ATF TF-0870, BMW DTF-1 83222409710, Genesis (USA) 5.0 GDI AWD, Genesis (USA) G90 3.3 T-GDI, KIA (EU) 3.3 T-GDI AWD, KIA (EU) Stinger 2.2 CRDI, Land Rover IYK500010, Mopar 68049954AA für BorgWarner 44-40 Verteilerget, Nissan 999MP-TF0870P, Nissan KLD22-00001EU für Transfer Case ATX90A, VW G 052 515 A2, VW G 052 533 A2, VW G 052 536 A2, VW G052533 A2 für Transfer Case 0C7 für Amarok

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