RAVENOL ATF 5/4 HP Fluid 60L

RAVENOL ATF 5/4 HP Fluid 60L

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RAVENOL ATF 5/4 HP Fluid is a synthetic ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), designed on the basis of high quality hydrocrack oils with a special additive and inhibition, which ensure a perfect function of the automatic transmission.

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RAVENOL ATF 5/4 HP Fluid is ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) for all 4- and 5 stroke automatic transmissions of ZF. It guarantees in any mode for maximum wear protection.

RAVENOL ATF 5/4 HP Fluid is natural brown colored.

Application Note

RAVENOL ATF 5/4 HP Fluid is suitable for use in automatic transmission of ZF Serie 4 HP (4HP20, 4HP22, 4HP24) und 5HP (5HP18, 5HP19, 5HP24, 5HP30). Maintenance-filling under normal operating conditions.


Very good lubricating ability even at low temperatures in winter

A high, stable viscosity index

Very good oxidation stability

Protection against corrosion and foam formation

Good balanced coefficient of friction

A high thermal and oxidative stability

An excellent cooling capacity

RECOMMENDATION Alfa Romeo 20HP 14891900, ATF LA 2634, ATF LT 71141, BMW 8322 9407765, BMW 8322 9407807, Citroën/Peugeot AL4 PR 9736.22, Jaguar JLM 20237, Land Rover STC4863, Mercedes A 001 989 22 03, Porsche 999.917.547.00, Renault DP0, VW TL52162, VW/Audi G052162 A1, VW/Audi G052162 A2, VW/Audi G052162 A6, ZF S671 090 170

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