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RAVENOL MTF-2 SAE 75W-80 is a low-viscosity full synthetic gear oil based on a poly-alphaolefin (PAO) base with special additives. Its properties exceed the current OE requirements for a product of this class. Very good gear change even at low temperatures.

Application notes:

Superbly suitable for use under very high mechanical and thermal loads. Recommended for manual transmissions requiring low viscosity oils. Provides excellent performance even at extended oil change intervals.


stable lubricating film

resistant to high pressure even at high oil temperatures and high loads

excellent shear resistance

excellent thermal stability

very good viscosity at various temperatures

High oxidation resistance

Very good wear protection

Excellent EP (extreme pressure) properties

Low foaming behaviour, even at high rpm

Extremely low pour point of -51°C

Extended service life


Audi G052532, G055532

BMW 83 22 0 309 031 MTF LT-1, 23 00 1 434 404 MTF LT-1, 23 00 7 533 513 MTF LT-2

MB 235.10 (A 001 989 26 03)

VW G 052 911 A2, G 055 538 A2 for ZF 6S450 Amarok 0C6

Audi G 052 911 A2, G 055 538 A2

Volvo 1161681, 1161745

GM 1940711, 88861800, 88861801

Ford 1547953, WSS-M2C200-C3, WSS-M2C200-D2

Toyota 08885-00705, MTF 97309, MTF ETL8997B, MTF XT4447 M+

Hyundai 02200-00130 TOD

Honda 08261-99964 MTF original oil, 08798-9031 MTF-7289

Land Rover STC 9157, STC 9158, TYK500030, MTF-94

MG and Mini Cooper

Mitsubishi 3005401

MTF-94 Fluid for Land Rover

Nissan 999MP-MTF20P, KE91699932R

Peugeot 9730A2

PSA B71 2330

Subaru K0321-F0090

Fiat 14621616, F178.B06, 1382914, 9.55550-MZ2

Quality class:

API GL-4, MT-1

The RAVENOL oil we sell comes from a legal Polish distribution.

This means that the excise duty is paid, and you and your company will not have legal problems, as would be the case if you purchased the oil from outside Poland and the excise duty was not paid.

We are an authorised RAVENOL distributor and sell only original RAVENOL brand products.

Purchasing oil e.g. from Germany for your company without completing the formalities is a fiscal offence.

Without an entry in the register of importing entities, you face a fine of up to PLN 2 500 000.

The Fiscal Penal Code provides for fines from PLN 870 to PLN 25 056 000.

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