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Reference: 1221113-001-01-999
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Product description:

RAVENOL MTF-4 SAE 70W is a fully synthetic, high performance, low friction PAO-based gear oil for manual transmissions and bridges. It provides low wear and long gearbox life. It has been designed based on high quality specially selected base oils and perfectly matched additives. The effect of this oil formulation is to achieve properties that far exceed the current OE requirements for a product of this class.It is ideally suited for use under the severe mechanical and thermal load conditions of gear oils, even with the extended oil drain intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Allows virtually slip-free operation and therefore minimal torque loss. Ensures smooth operation and gear changes.

Application notes:

Has been specially developed for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda transmissions. Ideally suited for HMC transmissions D7GF1, D7UF1, M6CF1, M6CF4, M6CF3-1, M6GF2 and for 0CK/0CJ gearboxes for the transmission part.


excellent thermal stability, high protection against wear, corrosion and foaming, excellent oil performance over the entire service life, between oil change intervals, stable lubricating film, even under extreme loadsloads in the middle of summer, neutral behaviour towards sealing materials, low pour point -72oC, excellent lubricating properties for smooth gear changes at low temperatures.

Quality class / Approvals / Specifications / OEM No.:

Quality class: API GL-4+ Approvals/specifications: BOT 233 LVX VW G 052 549 A2 Hyundai/Kia 04300-2N100 WDGO-1, 04300-KX1B0 KIA UM015-CH080

Technical specifications:

Properties Unit Data Test in accordance with
Colour yellow-brown
Density at 20 oC kg/m3 843 EN ISO 12185
Viscosity at 40 oC mm2/s 23,04 DIN 51 562-1
at 100 oC mm2/s 5,59 DIN 51 562-1
Viscosity index VI 198 DIN ISO 2909
Brookfield viscosity at 40 oC mPa*s 2650 ASTM D2983
at 55 oC mPa*s 19300 ASTM D2983
Melting point oC -72 DIN ISO 3016
Copper strip test 1a ASTM D130

Notes: All data given are approximate values and subject to trade variations. All data correspond to the current state of knowledge and our development. Subject to change. All references to DIN are for product description purposes only and do not constitute a guarantee.

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